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it actually folds itself in half. the korea advanced institute of science and technology says this car is a potential solution for crowded cities. it is all electric and charges in 10 minutes and it has a range of 60 miles. there was a drawback. its top speed, 37 miles an hour. i'm carolyn johnson. for everyone here, thanks for joining us. have a terrific weekend. previously on live bit with ali vincent. i went back to arizona with my mom. it's been awesome seeing my dad. my brother. oh hey ali, how you doing? my sister. hey boo. hello. hi! my grandma. take my picture if you'll photo shoot it and make me look ten years younger. and the whole family. it's also our five-year anniversary of my biggest loser win. so mom and i decided to go back to where it all starbiggest losegether for the biggest loser audition. you were grumpy. not at the table. it was five o'clock in the morning. what do you mean i didn't have much of a personality? but our trip down memory lane has turned into a massive blowout. you're being a snotty little wench. when i became the first female to win the biggest lose
for dozens of technologies, the 79-year-old is moving from inventor to mentor. directing the newly expanded fogerty institute at el camino hospital. it is an incubator lab for medical start ups. a company with a better and safer way to remove ear wax. >> we have the base unit system that heats up the water so patients won't undergo the dizziness that they sometimes undergo during the current procedure. >> as for the criteria, the ideas have to be affordable, practical and enhance patient care. medical degree is optional. >> if it is a physician i show them the door. they go in the operating room and everybody does pretty much what the surgeon tells them to do. they don't tolerate input very well. >> it includes education as well as technology. he is developing a system that allows students to absorb anatomy as if they were flying through the body. >> it is 3-d and layered. >> nine start ups are sharing the 14,000-foot lab facility including five just added this summer. all are encouraged to take risks which he sees as the key to innovation. >> innovation is really a form of insanity. you ca
met her and she was so enthusiastic and excited about the technology and such an inspiring person to be around. >> tammy it turns out is not the only quadriplegic explorer. >> the last time i tried to go camping was the time i was in a car accident. >> he used glass to make a video about her return to life after paralysis. >> this will be the first time i am apart from a caregiver for more than a few hours. >> and for tammy too, a device she can operate with her voice and head movement is a game changer. >> just being independent. i can get out and i go farther because if i need something i can text and i can use a phone. >> now tammy cruises around town taking pictures for her blog. >> you just posted a picture. >> of me taking your picture? >> and when she travels with her family she is using glass to find restaurants and get directions. >> i am helping everybody out instead of everybody helping me out. it is amazing. >> you are not on the sidelines anymore. >> i am in the game. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> it is great to see her so happy. now let's get our last check on wea
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3